Cam & David


Heiferlink is a family business. Formed by David Earle nearly 30 years ago, Heiferlink was the pioneer of heifer agistment based on weight gain in the Australian dairy industry. Today David’s daughter Philippa and her husband Cameron Renshaw are at the helm driving the business forward.

Both Cameron and Pip’s motivation and passion for Australian agriculture has allowed Heiferlink to enter its second generation and was the reason behind the business handover.

Central to Heiferlink’s management is its practical approach to implement the latest global standards in heifer rearing by setting targets, continual monitoring and reporting on performance in ways that can be understood by all.

Heiferlink is excited to be driving new technologies and knowledge into the Australian dairy industry and believes it is the future for best practice for replacement stock management.

'' We now have consistently larger heifers that enter our joining programs at 13 months of age at around 400kg. We've achieved this through our partnership with Heiferlink and the data they feed back to us. The best part is not having to worry about what health treatments they need, it's just done. ''

- Leigh Culton -

NSW Dairy Farmer with 400+ heifers on the Heiferlink Program




HeiferLink | On Farm Managment

Heiferlink continues leading the way in reducing age of fist calving and increase live weight for Australian dairy heifers. Using the latest technology & knowledge, unlocking the genetic potential...

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HeiferLink | Contract Agistment

Contract grazing is long term agistment with payments based on weight gain.  Heiferlink take full responsibility for the welfare of your stock from induction through to the point of calving at around 94% MBW 

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HeiferLink | Graziers

This is aimed for long term grazing properties.  Heiferlink works in to support graziers to maintain a strong pasture base through planning and feed budgets to optimize stocking rates.



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