What is Contract Grazing?

Contract grazing is long term agistment with payments for this service based on weight gain.  Heiferlink take full responsibility for the welfare of your stock from induction through to the point of calving at around 94% MBW. Contract grazing includes a full vaccination & and drench program, joining programs and total monitoring of overall growth. This is not traditional agistment and as full accountability is given by Heiferlink.  


How Does It Work?

Heifers are sent to Heiferlink's grazing property at around four months of age and generally stay there until about a month before they are due to calve.  On induction, all calves are tested for BVD by way of an ear notch test, weighed and given any required health treatments. They are then weighed at intervals of 6 to 8 weeks. This regular monitoring allows Heiferlink to actively manage  through drafting and ration modification, to ensure heifers are achieving their targets. Clients that have heifers on contract grazing or our ‘on farm management’ program all receive a comprehensive report after each management session. These reports also provides the basis of payment for their agistment service.


Setting Growth Targets  

Heiferlink is proudly leading the way with the implementation of the use of Mature Body Weight (MBW) as the benchmark for heifers’ growth targets. Solid research has shown that to properly grow out heifers the use of MBW% is a far more accurate figure to work from than a set kilogram figure.

Under both ‘contract grazing’ and ‘on farm management’ programs, Heiferlink asks our clients to draft off a percentage of their best mature milkers for us to weigh to accurately find your MBW.

This information forms the basis of growth targets for heifer’s breed and frame size. We believe that Australian dairy heifers can meet global benchmarks to increase farmers investment.   

Heiferlink Grazing Properties 

All of our properties have been selected because of their ability to support the requirement of young stock. Heiferlink's relationship with our graziers are strongly focused around planning for the long term, to run and supply dairy heifers and the challenges that come with it. These long-term partnerships mean that dairy farmers can also plan around having their heifers go onto agistment year on year.


This has become a major focus from owner Cameron Renshaw and Heiferlink prides itself on being able to provide dairy farmers this option.   


A Partner For Productivity 

Contract Grazing 

If you would like information about the best way to set growth targets or to reserve a position for contract grazing contact Heiferlink to discuss.