The profitability and sustainability of any grazing enterprise is dependent on healthy and productive pastures. Heiferlink works to support graziers to maintain a strong pasture base through planning and feed budgets to optimise stocking rates.  A heifer grazing enterprise can add value to double cropping and to your system.   

Dairy farmers in Australia are under pressure to milk more cows and increase milk production to reduce unit costs in their business.  Consequently, pasture and labour resources are often stretched to the limit on the home dairy farm and farmers find it difficult to give replacement heifers the feed and management they require.


Traditional agistment involving a set price per week without any performance monitoring can produce disappointing results because there is no accountability or incentive for the grazier.  However, a system of agistment based on weight gain can deliver “win-win” outcomes for graziers and dairy farmers with Heiferlink providing the support needed. This is targeted to long term grazing property owners who are looking for consistent business.

Benefits for the Grazier

A significant attraction of contract grazing is the fact that the grazier does not have capital in livestock. Even a modest beef grazing enterprise can have stock worth $150,000. This capital will have at least an opportunity cost if not a real interest cost.

Returns for contract grazing vary according to the month of the year. Location contract grazing will generally give higher returns than agistment on a per week basis. Note that the grazier does not have to pay for the health costs, joining and pregnancy testing or performance monitoring.

Heiferlink accounts are paid every two months electronically to the grazier’s bank account.  Cash flow is critical in business today and having income every 8 weeks is seen as a real plus from a traditional beef operation. In the past 20 years Heiferlink has never had a bad debt.


A Heiferlink Partnership


- Sourcing of healthy stock for the grazier            - Contracts and administration                     

- Feed budgets and planning                                - Cash flow

- No vet bills or health costs                                   - No capital 

A Partner For Productivity 


"Heiferlink has a major focus on building and supporting our relationship with graziers for long- term partnerships."