Herd Enhancement Program

A Partner  For Productivity

Heiferlink now offers dairy farmers the option to shift their herd to sexed semen for free. The Heiferlink herd enhancement program suits dairy farmers wanting to increase their herds genetic base and increase cash flow from less unwanted calves.


Heiferlink is committed to providing dairy farmers with the flexibility to increase the amount of quality females in their herd.

The herd enhancement program centres around joining your best cows and heifers to sexed semen to provide the right number of replacement heifers with improved genetics, along with the sale of any surplus heifers. 


Heiferlink will then join all other cows and heifers to low birth weight Angus semen and if required Angus mop up bulls can also be provided as part of this service.

For example: 

  • Upgrade to sexed semen and join around (120-140) cows or heifers

  • 90 dairy heifers for replacement herd

  • Remaining cows and heifers (200 to 250) joined to Angus semen

300 cow milking herd 

Need 90 heifers per year

With a 30% replacement rate

Under this partnership, transitioning your business to a reduction in unwanted calves will be done so that it does not interrupt the day to day operation.  Herd enhancement is a great option for dairy farmers with heifers under contract grazing but can also be introduced to herds that do not use Heiferlink’s services. 

−      Tells Heiferlink how many replacement heifers you require each year

−      Join surplus cows and heifers to Heiferlink beef semen

−      Heiferlink will pregnancy-test the herd at no cost to the producer

−      Bull and heifer calves taken from 7 days of age

−      Two rounds of sexed semen and beef semen per beast    

−      Cash up front

−      Contracted for two years with the third year in review

The Partnership