Heiferlink leads the way in reducing age of first calving (AFC) and increasing live weight for Australian dairy heifers that are grown out at home. Heiferlink brings the latest technology and knowledge to your yards to help achieve consistent growth rates, unlocking the animals genetic potential.   

A On Farm Management Partnership 

  • Comprehensive herd reporting and data analysis

  • The technical equipment needed for herd monitoring

  • A full health program, including vaccinations , drenches, bloods and WEC

  • Identification inventory management to reduce human error

  • High quality labour for when it counts

Technology and Knowledge
Heiferlink uses the Tru-Test xr-5000 indicator in conjunction with industry leading database software to immediately report individual & and group performances and status. This data is fully accessible by the farmer in the field and office. 

This real-time measurement and reporting enables the dairy farmer and Heiferlink to make well educated decisions on feed rations, joining programs and cull animals. Heifer data is key to the improvement of your replacement stock and productivity.


What is Your Herd Achieving​?

Before any on farm monitoring is undertaken Heiferlink analyse your herd records to help find the current KPIs being achieved by your heifers.

We analyse your calving patterns for age at first calving (AFC), inter-calf interval (ICI), production in first lactation and longevity of heifers. These critical KPIs should be common knowledge for any dairy business. This information establishes opportunities for improvement.


HeiferLink Calving

On Farm Monitoring

At our first visit we take measurements of weight and height from a select number of your best mature milking cows for benchmarking, to establish the mature weight (MBW).

From this Heiferlink establishes heifer growth targets  for MBW  percentage for key milestones in growth. This is a more accurate way to set targets rather than just guessing with a breed average.

For best results heifers need to be benchmarked to specific MBW targets. But to achieve these targets dairy farmers need to have the relevant data at hand as the basis for their performance. Heiferlink's on farm management brings together the labour, equipment and knowledge to make this happen.

Heiferlink Growth Chart
A Partner For Productivity 

On Farm Management

We recommend that heifers are monitored at least every 8 weeks, or 12 sessions from birth to calving.  This allows dairy farmers to have the required information to make educated decisions.  Heifers are one of the largest costs on farm, it is important to look at all opportunities for improvement, for the benefit of your herds’ health and your bottom line.          

A Heiferlink partnership means you have access to the latest technology with out the stress of using it.  Having a clear understanding on where your replacement herd sits is sometimes overlooked due to time restraints. Heiferlink eases this by undertaking all your data collection and administrating health programs. The on farm management services provides dairy farmers with the key labour, equipment and reports that in most cases is missing.         

Why Invest in a Heiferlink Partnership 

Making the most of all yardings is high on the list when it comes to labour. Heiferlink has all the equipment that is needed to have a stress free day in the yards and we supply and administer a full health programs.

De-horning, bloods, preg testing and drafting is all common practices on a typical day with the team from Heiferlink.  
We are committed to reducing your age at first calving and calving heifers at their optimum weight. But our main goal is to help Dairy Farmers with practical answers to their problems.

This partnership is progressive and we encourage you to contact us to discuss in detail    

HiferLink Milk Response